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Recap of the 2011 Tournament

 It was nail biting from concern for the beginning to very end. My first concern for the 31st Annual Billfish Tournament. was to find that one boat that would take me to the magic number,30 boats. I had it in my hands but mechanical problems with the boat took it away. It wasn't until the last hour of the Captain's meeting when the magic walked through the door. Our fleet had reached our target for the year, 30 boats. The marina was at its best stocked with some of the most beautiful fishing machines representing builders such as Spencer, Dixon, ACY, Hatteras, viking, Rybovich, Wills, Merritt, bertram and other custom designs. The who's who of the industry were all here and to do one thing -release some sails

The 1st day of fishing the entire fleet, minus the boys from Texas, fished. it was 35 a gorgeous 601', light, SW wind day, which most believe not to be the best for sails. The 29 boats released 146 sails. Kevin paul aboard "Lo Que Sea" with anglers Tony Huerta, Tom Philips and Brandon Haynes captured the daily with 12 releases The day redefined fishing SW winds.

Day 2 mother nature reared her ugly side with strong west winds and seas up to 7 feet with a close chop. Only 4 boats departed the inlet. Hans Kraaz aboard the "Vintage" released 3 of 7 sails for the day. The front was moving in quickly and the temperatures were dropping - winter was on her way back.

Day 326 of the fleet departed the inlet with 20 knots of wind on their quarter and seas 6'. As the day progressed the weather subsided and the boys described the afternoon's fishing condition as real pretty. The day produced a 4.66 fish per boat average releasing 121 sails. The boys on the "Caroline" had 13 releases for the daily award.

Everybody got showered by the canon blast on day 4. With a fleet of 30 boats 103 sails were released. The fleet split on directions departing the inlet, the majority of the tournament had been fished to the north, but several had heard the bite was moving south.  The voices of the captains were audible on the house radio so they were relatively close.

Gregg Uff on the "Fision Machine" and his crew turned up the heat releasing 10 sails by anglers Margie Adams, Brandon Raffol and Bruno Rodriguez. They took the daily award. The race for the finish between "Lo Que Sea " and "Boneshaker" was another nail biter. "Boneshaker" was trailing by 2 fish entering the final day. By noon "Lo Que Sea " had increased their lead by 3 fish.  This is never a comfortable lead with Scotty Breathing down your neck. The crew on the "Boneshaker" released 5 sails after noon and the "Lo Que Sea " released 3.

Everybody that was away from the computer was doing math. "Lo Que Sea " released their last fish at 3:14 to solidify the lead for the 31st Annual Pelican Tournament.  This was one for his father, Moby. The tournament closed with a total 377 releases.

The final Sequence

1st PlaceLo Que SeaCapt:Anglers: Tony Huerta, Tom Philps, Brandon Haynes
20 ReleasesKevin Paul
2nd Place
BoneshakerCapt:Anglers:Joe Lehner, Shyler Wichers, Van Wichers
20 ReleasesScotty Fawcett
3rd Place
Fishin MachineCapt:
23 ReleasesGreg UffAnglers:Marigie Adams, Brandon Rafool, Bruno Rodriquez